NewEn Australia is a co-developer of wind farms. It is a subsidiary of a German, family-owned business, which has many years of experience around the world in the natural resources sector.

NewEn Australia was formed in 2003 and has developed five wind farm projects in south-west Victoria. In 2010, NewEn sold its Mortons Lane Wind Farm project to Tianrun, which erected 13 Goldwind 1.5 MW turbines with a total capacity of 19.5 MW of renewable energy.

In June 2013, NewEn sold its other four projects to TrustPower Australia, now Tilt Renewables, which has continued the development of these projects. NewEn is a co-developer of wind farms and the business model is to sell projects during or towards the end of the development phase.

Currently NewEn is developing the Rifle Butts Wind Farm near Horsham, Victoria.  A Planning Permit Application was lodged with DELWP and has been approved by the Minister for Planning for a development of up to 13 turbines.

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