Planning Permit issues by Minister

NewEn is thrilled to announce that the Minister for Planning has issued a Planning Permit for the Rifle Butts Wind Farm. Read more


Selling the wind farm

NewEn has entered into an Exclusivity Agreement with a company that intends to own and operate the Rifle Butts Wind Farm. Read more


Grid connection

A very important aspect of any wind farm is its connection to the electricity grid. To facilitate this a number of required studies have been completed and discussions are continuing with Powercor and the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). Read more


Community benefit fund

Another benefit for the local community is the establishment of a community fund. The hosting landholders will be sharing part of their annual income with the local community and preliminary works are currently underway to establish the guidelines and structure of this fund. Read more


Job Opportunities

Construction of the Rifle Butts Wind Farm could begin early next year.  If you are interested in providing goods or services to the  Rifle Butts Wind Farm please register your details on our Goods & Services register here.